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Group Supervision




6 Months

Group Supervision

Group supervision is designed to support the spiritual director, ultimately enhancing their ministry to their directees. This supervision focuses on the spiritual director, examining their inner experiences to help them better accompany, be free from attachments, and follow the Grace present in a direction session.


Group Supervision is a contemplative and sacred process. During a group supervision meeting, a spiritual director's experiences from a specific session are explored and reflected upon. Other directors participate in the process, which follows a specific format.


Engaging in group supervision involves a reflective practice. After each session, the spiritual director takes time to become aware of what transpired with the directee and what continues to hold energy within them. This prayerful reflection is first done individually and then shared with the supervision group.


The supervision process encourages the spiritual director to delve beneath the surface to understand themselves better, free themselves from attachments, and best accompany their directees. It also allows them to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit in the session.


What to Expect:

During each meeting, you'll explore and reflect on your experiences from specific sessions, with other directors participating in the process. This collaborative and structured format encourages deep, prayerful reflection.

How It Works:

After each direction session, take time to become aware of what transpired with your directee and what continues to hold energy within you.

In our sessions, two directors will present each time we meet. We will spend part of our first session reviewing the process, and then we will jump right in. We will begin when we have three directors signed up. One supervision group will be maxed out with four directors.


Payment of $180 by Venmo is preferred; PayPal and Zelle also work one week before sessions begin. You will have priority in signing up again for the following session.

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