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Group Supervision for Directors




6 Months

Group Supervision for Directors

What is it?

Group supervision is designed to support the spiritual director, ultimately enhancing their ministry to their directees. This supervision process focuses on the spiritual director, examining their inner experiences to help them better accompany their directees, be free from attachments, and follow the Grace present in a direction session.

Group Supervision is a contemplative and sacred process that is attentive to the workings and movements of the Holy Spirit in our ministry. During a group supervision meeting, a spiritual director's experiences from a specific session are explored and reflected upon. Other directors participate in the process, which follows a particular format.

How does it work?

After a session with a directee, the spiritual director takes time to become aware of what transpired with the directee, including moments of joy in the Lord, interior heaviness, and the thoughts that arise from each. This prayerful reflection is done individually, following the steps of the Ignatian Examen. A guide for Examening My Experience As A Spiritual Director is provided for you. A Dialogue Form is also provided for you.

In our sessions, two directors will present by sharing their reflections from their examen and articulate the specific area they seek more awareness around. A supervisor will direct the session, and group members will support the presenter by sharing noticings and asking director-centered questions.

We will spend part of our first session reviewing the process, and then we will begin. We will start when we have three directors signed up. Multiple Groups may be available. A group will be filled with four participating directors.

Fees & Committment

Participants are asked to commit to meeting for six months and make a payment of $180 via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal one week before sessions begin. 2 Directors will have an opportunity to present each month. You will have priority in signing up again for the following semester.

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