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Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life




30 Weeks

Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

The Goal of the Exercises 

These Exercises consist of meditations in ordered systematic progression with the goal of inner freedom from disordered attachments so as to experience the depths of reality of God’s particular love and providence. Through this journey, we come to heartfelt, intimate knowledge of God’s revealed Self in Jesus Christ as we respond in gratitude giving glory to God in joyous service as a contemplative in action.


What Do They Contain?

The Spiritual Exercise is a manual containing various meditations to be carried out by an exercitant with counsel from a spiritual director. The structure of this guidebook opens with 20 introductory explanations - Annotations,  and a statement of purpose of the Exercises - The Principle and Foundation, through which one comes to order one’s life and all of life's decisions towards what is pleasing to God. 

The Exercises consist of Meditations on the mysteries (50) in scripture on the life of Christ and several main spiritual exercises: The Call of Christ the King, The Two Standards (Christ and Satan), and the Three Classes of Persons, which fosters an adherence of the heart to total commitment to God, and  The Three Ways of Humility called a Consideration.


How Are They Structured?

The Exercises are divided into 4 Dynamic Phases called “Weeks”

  • The First Week consists of exercises that are characteristic of the Purgative Way, the purification of the soul to free one from disordered attachments in advancing toward God.

  • The Second Week presents exercises proper to the movement of the Illuminative Way -with the acquiring of virtues in the imitation of Christ, where we are called to participate with Him in spreading His kingdom.

  • The Third and Fourth Weeks have the contemplative characteristics of the Unitive or Perfective Way with activities to establish a habitual and intimate union with God through Christ.  We associate closely with Christ

  • in His Suffering in the Third Week

  • in  His and the disciples' Joy in the Fourth Week.

  • The Dynamic Weeks concludes with the Contemplation to Attain the Love of God

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