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Dear Friend in Christ,


We are grateful you have contacted us to inquire about the criteria to be listed as a member of Our Lady of the Way Virtual Retreat Center.


We welcome you to discern your participation in this confraternity of Catholic spiritual directors trained in the Ignatian tradition and dedicated to offering the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola to those who are isolated either geographically or homebound for reasons of ill health or family obligations.



  • To be a practicing Catholic and faithful to the magisterium of the Church

  • To have:

    • A graduate degree in ministry or equivalent; or a college degree and be a current member of a lay Catholic, religious, or parish community

    • A graduate-level certificate training in spiritual direction from a Jesuit university or partner organization dedicated to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

    • Completed a CE program sponsored by an Ignatian-based ministry in giving the Spiritual Exercises

  • To follow professional ethical guidelines - link

  • Carry individual malpractice insurance 1m/3m coverage*

  • Be within a peer supervision group or supervision

  • Utilize the suggested content of OLW  resource page in giving a retreat or workshops and letters of communication

  • Participate by adding to the OLW library of resources and articles to all to continue our formation. 

What to send

Please send in a letter of intent, references, bio, or resume, along with a copy of your malpractice insurance.

As a member of OLW community, we can provide you with contact info on the carrier that covers such pastoral care services.


All directors are independent practitioners and not employees or contractors of Our Lay of the Way Virtual Retreat Center.  All directors are responsible for offering an annual stipend to continue the operation of the website, participate in sharing resources, and bill their directees/retreatants directly. 

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