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Who we Are 

Serving in a Ministry for the Greater Glory of God

We are Catholic spiritual directors, trained in the Ignatian tradition,  faithful to the magisterium of the Church,  who are dedicated to offering Spiritual Direction, Retreats, and the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, in particular to those who otherwise, due to their circumstances, would not have access locally or in person.

What began eight years ago online informally for some of us was transformed by global circumstances, which then brought this group together to form this center under the Patroness of Our Lady of the Way 

on September 8, 2022. 


We have the support of the 

Most Reverend Frank J. Caggiano, Bishop of Bridgeport. 

Please join us!

Catholic Spiritual Directors

We each bring different gifts and experiences to this ministry and have come together under Our Lady of the Way to serve whoever desires to come to know Christ more intimately, to love Him more dearly,  and to follow Him more clearly as contemplatives in action in growing as a person for others.

We are accountable for personal and professional ongoing formation, supervision, and sharing of our resources with each other, the public, retreatants, and other directors. Though in independent practices, we share the same faith and ethical values to serve in this apostolic ministry mission of accompaniment rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Individually, we each meet both in person and virtually. 

For ​Scheduling

 Click links to review the individual directors' pages listing their 

bios, availability, and contact email for an appointment. 

Karen Shields Wright

Gregory Vigliotta 

Pamela Shilling

Lori Wilson

Michelle Kelley

Gauthier Vincent

For General Information

For other more information, one of us will reply; click here to contact our main email. 

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