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Come Follow Me

The Spiritual Exercises

A  Retreat in Daily Life  

A 9-Month Journey in Praying through the Life of Christ 


FALL 2023

19th or 18th Annotation 

The Desire

To know Christ more clearly

To love Christ  more dearly

To follow Christ more nearly

day by day

"Rooted within the spiritual tradition in the Church, The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius have been universally considered one of the great masterpieces of ascetical theology by the Church.


 It’s a complete guide and framework for growing in Christian perfection, which grew out of St. Ignatius' own experiences and in helping souls to find God in all things, to discover God's dreams, desires, and will for each person."Bishop Barron


Through this journey, one comes to deeper, heartfelt, intimate knowledge of God’s revealed Self in Jesus Christ as we respond in gratitude giving more glory to God in joyous servicing as a contemplative in action.

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Serving pilgrims via telecommunication techno
who otherwise not able to have the opportunity for in-person
Spiritual Direction and Retreats in the Catholic Ignatian Tradition. 

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