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Ministry Services

Serving pilgrims through the Catholic Ignatian tradition with 

Spiritual Direction & Directed Retreats based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Offering Free Self-Directed Retreats and Formation Tools through our Blog.

Offering  to other Catholic Spiritual Directors: Supervision, Mentoring and Retreat Resources

What is Spiritual Direction

One-on-one Accompaniment

Frequency Varies 

Average Sessions 45m-50m

Stipend Fees Range $45-$65

Sliding scale available 

Ignatian Encounter

A 10-Week Directed Retreat

Explore the movements of God in your life and your deepest desires and through learning the various forms of prayer, including the Examen, Lectio Divina, various forms of meditation, Gospel contemplation, and the discernment of spirits. 

Contact Directors Here

Self-Directed Retreats 

These are offered to the greater community and require no registration and are developed to help one grow in their prayer life. 

You will find these here in our Blog

Advent Retreat 

Christmastide Retreat 

Lenten Retreat 

Holy Week Retreat

Eastertide Retreat 

The Rosary Contemplation

Donations to the Center are always appreciated once our 501c3 is effective. 

 for Directors

Supervision & Resources

What is Supervision?
Trained Supervisors are available for spiritual directors.  

Supervisors List


What are The Spiritual Exercises 

The Retreat in Everyday Life

19th Annotation - The Full Exercises

18th Annotation - Abbreviated Exercise

Contact one of our Directors

or  Main Email 

Directed Retreats

One-on-one accompaniment.

Discern the movements of God

in your daily life as revealed through your personal prayer time. 

Themes, frequency, and length vary and are set up between you and your director. 

Stipends depend upon the individualized program.

Formation Workshops 

A  1 - 3 hour webinar workshops on various topics: ie. How to Prayer the Examen, Lectio Divina the Ignatian Way, Discernment of Spirits, and others. 

Presentations with Q & A

Notices will be posted. on the Welcome Page for with your Director.

Guided Retreats

One-on-one  or  Small Group

Facilitated Retreats

A 2, 3, or 5 Day will be offered on either a daily or weekly basis during  Advent, Lent, during the celebrations of Feast Days such as Pentecost, Feast of Sacred Heart, and Marian Days



Meeting You Where God is Meeting You

The glory of God is a person fully alive

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